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You’ve worked hard to build your investments so it’s only fair that they work hard for you in return. Our expertise will quantify the risk you feel comfortable with and provide plans that meet that risk and aim to give returns in line with the level of risk.

What is an Investment?

At James & James, we pride ourselves on both our flexibility and our ability to offer you a high quality investment advice tailored to your specific needs. Our investment planning aims to help you enhance your future wealth by generating income and/or capital growth, by strengthening your existing investment portfolios and by helping you reduce you tax liability wherever possible.

At our initial meeting, we will establish your current financial situation and investment position together with your financial objectives for the future. We will seek to understand whether you are looking to invest for income, capital growth or a combination of both. We also need to appreciate how long you are looking to invest for, plus whether you will need ready access to your money at any time. We will also take care to establish your personal attitude to investment risk and the level of volatility you are prepared to accept.

This comprehensive investment planning exercise means that we are then in a position to provide sound advice on all the options that would be suitable for your portfolio. We are completely independent which means we have no restrictions as to the products and companies we can recommend. We can build a plan to suit your requirements and have the freedom and flexibility to find the best solutions to your needs.

Jim Whearity is a founding partner and the principal investment adviser of James&James. He has many years of experience of working in wealth management and is fully qualified to ensure the right fit for your investments. He will work closely with you and will be in regular contact. His aim is to ensure that you fully understand your investment products and that your investments work in line with your expectations and he will regularly monitor your portfolio accordingly.

Here at James & James, we are fully aware that there will inevitably be changes to your financial circumstances as well as market conditions and possibly your attitude to risk. We recommend we undertake a review of your investment portfolio on a regular basis to ensure continued suitability. At all times, our overarching aim is to make you feel comfortable and happy to approach us for sound investment advice and help with your investment planning. In this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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